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        My aspiration is everyone benefits from Pilates. Office workers who have spent too many hours behind the desk. Housewives who have spent the day performing repetitive tasks. Seniors who want to retain their freedom of movement. New mothers who want to regain their former fitness. Sports enthusiasts who want to improve their game or recover from an injury. Pilates builds strength and agility for all.

      • About Sawano

        Sawano, a Tokyo native, has been a fitness enthusiast all her life. She first encountered Pilates in the U.S. while attending university. Its emphasis on practiced movement of the body to achieve physical conditioning quickly intrigued her. So different from her earlier experiences with endurance training, she soon discovered a new passion in these subtle forms of movement. She's been practicing Pilates ever since.

        She received her professional training with the Ron Fletcher Company and is a Qualified Teacher of Ron Fletcher Pilates. After completing her course work and practicum, she has gone on to teach individual and group classes at several studios in Singapore and Vietnam. She offers instruction in all forms of floor and mat work and with all types of Pilates equipment.

        Sawano believes that Pilates helps us achieve our optimal physical health without overly taxing the body. Pilates emphasizes body movement and core muscle development. This emphasis leads to subtle yet significant benefits. Body alignment and posture improve as the muscles gain strength and tone. Movement becomes more relaxed and fluid.

        Sawano's excited to share her passion, knowledge and experience with others. Her mission and goal are simple - to help clients condition their body, mind and spirit for optimal health so they might live life to its fullest. To this end, she tailors each Pilates' program to what is right for the individual client and firmly believes benefits are to be had regardless of age, gender, or level of fitness.

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      • About Pilates

        Pilates man

        Pilates is a body-mind conditioning method created by gymnast Joseph Pilates. It dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength and develops a sleek, toned body without excess muscle bulk. You gain control and flexibility and become aware of your body, listening to how it feels and how it moves.

        Pilates emphasizes core muscle development and consists of approximately 500 controlled movements accompanied with proper breathing techniques. The exercise routines are performed on the floor, a mat or using equipment.

        The exercises develop a strong core of deep abdominal muscles along with strengthening the muscles closest to the spine. A strong core integrates the body's trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. This builds body alignment, corrects poor posture, and improves control and coordination.

        Pilates not only strengthens the body. It also elongates the muscles, which greatly improves flexibility. Increased strength and flexibility protect the body from injury and increase performance and efficiency. It is this proven approach recommended by physiotherapists that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise.

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        - Ron Fletcher Pilates

        Ron Fletcher

        A first generation Master Teacher, combining dance movement with the classic Pilates principles. Ron has trained and inspired students the world over .

        - Pilates Equipment

        Pilates Equipment

        Pilates routines can be varied and target specific muscles with the introduction of equipment, ranging from small apparatus to larger equipment for more advanced techniques.

        • Ron Fletcher Pilates

          Ron Fletcher Pilates

          Ron Fletcher, a first generation Master Teacher who studied directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates, is a gifted and widely recognized dancer and choreographer. He first studied with Joseph Pilates in the early 1940s when he injured his knee and continued his studies with Joseph for the next 20 years.

          Ron established the Fletcher School of Pilates staying true to the classic Pilates principles. Over the years, Ron's career in dance led him to evolve the Pilates techniques, placing special emphasis on fluid movement and breathing. He has established studios the world over and at the age of 82 continues to travel and inspire his students.

        • Techniques

          Fletcher Standing and Centering Cues

          Standing and Centering Cues emphasize vertical posture as an important part of achieving body alignment and maintaining good posture and balance. The cues are constantly reinforced as a basis for upright movement and applied throughout the program to assist with correct alignment and precise movement.

          Fletcher Percussive Breathing

          Incorporating proper breathing with movement is a Pilates principle and Ron Fletcher further emphasized this principle with Percussive Breathing. Proper breathing is essential to muscle development and Fletchcer Pilates focuses on how to BREATH throughout the movements to achieve maximum power and efficiency. Percussive Breathing creates a sound and a rhythm that develops lung capacity and recruits core muscles to energize an entire movement.

          Fletcher Floorwork

          Floorwork is a series of practiced movements based on traditional Pilates mat work, adding Percussive Breathing mixed with a touch of modern dance. Floorwork introduces choreographed movement to stretch and tone the body. It develops strength, balance, flexibility and spinal mobility while you giving you the exhilarating experience of dance movement.

          Fletcher Towelwork

          Towelwork introduces a braided towel to the exercise routines. It uses a simple, yet challenging series of movements to greatly increase upper body and core strength which promote body alignment and flexibility in joints. From simple standing to patterned choreography, these flowing motions are combined with floor work and mat work to make the workouts more dynamic and challenging.

          Fletcher Barrework

          Barrework applies Percussive Breathing and Standing and Centering Cues to ballet barre exercise. It teaches traditional and modern ballet dance movements to work on the Pilates principles of balance and stabilization while working the body in an upright position. Its precise and flowing motion strengthens the lower body and improves flexibility of the spine.

      • Services

        • Services

          Pilates' a life journey. It brings strength, balance, wellness, and vitality to your life. I look forward to sharing my experience as you travel this path of gentle and practiced movement to your fitness goal. I believe you will find it calms the mind, lifts your spirits and leads the way to optimal health.

          Individual and Duet Training

          In the convenience of your home or gym, I tailor each individual or duet session to your fitness needs and goals. These customized Pilates floor and mat workouts introduce you to Pilates principles as you develop core muscle strength and flexibility. Sessions may incorporate small equipment such as towels, balls, magic circles, and light weights for variety and to target development of specific muscle groups. The blend of mat exercises, stretching, core strengthening, and resistance training will leave you feeling taller, stronger, and refreshed!

          Each session is 60 minutes in length, $40 for an individual and $70 for two people. Please schedule your individual session at least 24 hours in advance.

          Small Group Classes

          Small Group

          I offer Pilates floor and mat classes for small groups at your office, home or health club. These classes are organized to progress through a standard series of introductory Pilates routines to develop core muscle strength and flexibility. Classes can be arranged according to skill level, preferred techniques and routines, and to meet the objectives of your group.

          Each group class is 60 minutes in length. Group classes are offered for a minimum of 3 people. I generally request a minimum commitment to 4 classes over the course of 1 month.

          Each class is $45 for three people and $10 per additional person. A discounted fee schedule is available for groups larger than 10 people.

          Please contact me to discuss the objectives and routines you would like arranged for your group.

        • Feature Service

          Feature Service

          The Pilates Reformer offers a more powerful, challenging and rewarding workout. Routines target development of the upper, middle and lower body, realign the torso, correct muscular imbalances, and stretch and strengthen the muscles for a longer leaner look.

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        • Contact Infomation

          Contact Infomation

          I would enjoy hearing from you. Whether you would simply like to learn more about Pilates or like to arrange a Pilates class, please contact me at sawano@sawanopilates.com or using the contact form provided below.

          I will get back to you as soon as possible and look forward to speaking with you.

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